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Reloading Series Two Double Disc Special Edition DVD Set
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This Special Edition Double DVD set is a more in depth follow on from the first reloading rifle ammunition DVD. It answers specific questions that have come up from that DVD including, how to work out seating depth to the Lands of the rifling, how to adjust and set up dies for neck and full resizing, how to work up loads, making sense of reloading manuals, which ones are best and easiest to use, showing and explaining RCBS reloading equipment in depth and in detail, all Tony's knowledge and experience on what works best for him and things that he has wasted his time on in the past. We also have a great laugh along the way. If you have watched the first double disc set and/or you have some experience of reloading then this double disc set is for you. Over Two hours and 15 minutes long crammed full of Fantastic Tips and Expert Information from The ULTIMATE Shooting website shootingandmore about Reloading Rifle Ammunition using RCBS Equipment. Total Running Time: 2hrs 15mins Approx. Only 9.99 including Free First Class Delivery for this Fantastic Special Edition Double Disc Set. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE