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How to clean your semi auto shotgun including a review of a pietta mistral 3

In this dvd film i demonstrate how to maintain strip down and clean your semi auto shotgun including a review of the Pietta Mistral 3. I also cover the differences between guns that shoot flat, high or low and packed full of tips including gun cleaning, gun maintenance, safety and storage. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 1hr 13mins

How to get permission easily

This dvd film shows the easy steps on how you can have an 80% success rate at getting shooting permission. Just follow this simple and essential guide to get yourself miles more locations. An incredibly in depth look with new tips and tactics. Learn these finely tuned methods developed with over 30 years of experience. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 23 mins

How why and where to use a pigeon magnet for best results

In this dvd video film i cover how, why, where and when to use a pigeon magnet when they work best including flight lines, types of crop, location and bird behaviour. How to set them up and the different size batteries you can use and how long they last. Also what to look for when you are buying a pigeon magnet. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 18 mins

How why and where to build a hide

How why and where to build a pigeon shooting hide anywhere including in the middle of a field, in a hedge or under a tree including benefits and disadvantages of different hide systems, hide poles, camouflage concealment and locations. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 27 mins

How and when to use weather conditions to your advantage

This dvd film explains the best and worst weather conditions and the reasons why including spring, summer, autumn, and winter decoying tips tactics and how to get the best results. RUNNING TIME APPROX 12 mins

How to thaw birds without flies

This DVD Video Film will show you a qucik and easy way to thaw your birds out, without being pestered by flies. As we all know dead pigeons make excellent decoys but thawing them from frozen has the problem of attracting flies. RUNNING TIME APPROX 4 mins

How to Support your Sport

How, when, where, what, and why you should support your sport of shooting. RUNNING TIME APPROX 18 mins

How to pick a shooting style sustained lead bum belly beak bang or pull away

I was contacted through youtube and asked what style of shooting do i use ie sustained lead, bum belly beak bang, or pull away. Here is my answer with best advice for clay and game shotgun shooting and how the different styles have different use's depending on your shooting. RUNNING TIME APPROX 33 Mins.

How to tighten a stock on a gun

Here i show you the simple task of tightening a loose gun stock, shotguns like all guns can get loose stocks and forends and just need to be tightened up. This gun is my pietta mistral 3 shotgun but the same principles apply to other guns. RUNNING TIME APPROX 16 mins