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Banger rope making

How to customise your banger rope length and firing intervals to suit your individual situation plus tips on where to place and position them safely and how to light them. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 40 mins

Alternatives to hide poles

Everybody needs hide poles so this covers more affordable alternatives and solutions to getting your pigeon hide poles into hard ground. RUNNING TIME APPROX: 11 mins

How to carry your equipment effortlessly Part 1

This film will show you how to carry all your equipment to your chosen spot without humping it on your back and causing yourself a massive coronary. RUNNING TIME APPROX 17 mins

How to set your hides up easily

This film will show you how to have an easy and quick pigeon shooting hide set up which is ready to go in minutes Pigeon hides have never been so quick and easy. RUNNING TIME APPROX 5 mins

How to drink and shoot at the same time

This film not only shows you how to drink and shoot at the same time without spilling a drop, but also how to do this whilst not taking your eye off the bird. RUNNING TIME APPROX 13 mins